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Simon Lichtenberg | TRAYTON GROUP |

Entrepreneur's journey

Establishing the Trayton Foundation (which helped in lighting the streets of Shanghai, not to mention the fitting of rooftop solar power panels in the year 2012) are only a couple of the positives that Trayton Group (founded by simon lichtenberg ( ) has accomplished. With a workforce of 2,000 workers, his organisation predicts a revenue of 150m dollars per annum. The year 1995 was the period that he set up his business: Trayton Group. Simon Lichtenberg's business is situated in Shanghai, China; it also has other factories operating in Zhejiang Jishan.

Simon Lichtenberg - His Amazing Qualities

Simon Lichtenberg was bestowed with the Magnolia Silver Award in Shanghai because of the part that his organisation played in improving the city's standard of living. It is clear that Simon Lichtenberg possesses exceptional will-power and dedication as an entrepreneur because he has prevailed in his goal to initiate his own business in the forward-thinking country of China. All great business people deserve everything they have achieved through their personal characteristics and hard work.

Profiting by up to $2.5m each year, thanks to the acquisition of direct clients (such as IKEA) from around the world, Simon Lichtenberg’s furniture business became international. Simon Lichtenberg has stayed focused despite his mistakes; he has survived and overcome obstacles to become one of the strongest businessmen today. Challenges and difficulties are omnipresent in the world of business; success is assured by overcoming them.

The Educational Background of Simon Lichtenberg

Upon his return from Danish Tvind (private) schools, Simon Lichtenberg lived in Africa for several of his teenage years. In 2006, at CEIBS, the Harvard Business school and Tsinghua, Simon Lichtenberg completed his EMBA - or Executive MBA (the Senior Executive Program for China). A solid academic background: this continues to be a prevalent attribute of leading businessmen who have accomplished their goals.

All the obstacles faced by Simon Lichtenberg have made him who he is and have ultimately helped him become a success. A complicated legal case concerning the manufacturing of inauthentic 'BoConcept' products was a challenge that Simon Lichtenberg had to overcome in the late 90's. Both failure and success can be the result of obstacles faced by a business. Which of those extremes comes to pass depends on the way difficulties are faced.

Up to 2.5 million dollars profit a year is made by Simon Lichtenberg as a direct result of his establishing his own production factories and providing furniture to companies within and outside of the country. No ambition is unachievable. All that is required is a strong desire and determination. All things are possible. Simon Lichtenberg simply followed his desire to initiate his own business in China.